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NEC: Did Your Premature Baby Suffer? We Can Assist.

Parents of premature kids who contracted NEC, or necrotizing enterocolitis, after ingesting dangerous baby formulas are bringing NEC baby formula lawsuits against these firms.
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NEC Lawsuit

Who Is Eligible to Sue Over NEC Baby Formula?

Customers were not informed of the dangers of necrotizing enterocolitis. After feeding hazardous baby formula to a premature infant, the parents of that child may launch a NEC lawsuit in an effort to recover damages.

Similac or Enfamil may have been given to your infant in the hospital. If you're unclear, your lawyer for baby formula could be able to assist you in finding out. Make sure to include the hospital's name as well as its address.

You might have given your infant a Similac or Enfamil formula product after the hospital released your child. Attorneys for NEC Baby Formula advise parents to save any receipts, proof of purchase, packaging, or boxes containing the formula in case they need them as proof in a future litigation.

Is your premature infant experiencing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)?

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    Baby Formula NEC Lawsuit Faq

    You may have seen warning about the risks associated with infant formula, or perhaps you or a family member had a child who had NEC. You undoubtedly have many questions concerning these topics, which we address below, in either case.

    Infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi have been linked to NEC in numerous cases. However, no one organism has come to light as the culprit. The sickness is not likely to be brought on by germs alone, according to scientists. There must be additional elements at play, such as an insufficiently developed digestive system (such that found in premature infants) that cannot fend against pathogenic pathogens.
    Yes. NEC is curable with the proper care, and infants can go on to have normal lives. The condition may lead to long-term health issues in more severe situations.
    Recurrent NEC is possible, even if it is uncommon. According to estimates, only 4-6 percent of patients with the condition experience it. Scientists have not yet been able to pinpoint a cause for recurrence. If NEC does return, medical professionals will treat the infant once more with feeding modifications, antibiotics, and maybe surgery if required.