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Mass Tort

Mass Tort

How Long Does a Mass Tort Action Take?

As a result of the complex nature of mass tort cases, they are often more complicated than typical personal injury cases. Furthermore, since the plaintiffs typically receive massive payouts, it usually takes years for both parties to reach a settlement. The following reasons may cause your mass tort claim to take longer.

Locating potential plaintiffs

The defendant's negligence is usually communicated through mass media or social media by lawyers. As a result, getting everyone together may take longer.

Seeking expert witnesses

To prove the validity of your claim, your lawyer may depose experts in specific fields based on the details of your case. To prove the validity of your claim, your lawyer may depose experts in specific fields based on the details of your case.

Extensive investigation

A mass tort case is handled differently from a class action case. The plaintiffs in these cases are treated individually. It is the lawyers' responsibility to investigate the claims of each client, collect all relevant evidence, as well as establish the facts, needs, and damages.

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